About Us

Company History

MI Technologies Inc. was co-founded by Ali Irani-Tehrani and Amir Tafreshi, initially as “ModImplant” (Mod-Implant) in 1999.  “Modimplant” had tremendous success as a video game distribution company, serving many discount stores and flea market venders refurbished video game consoles, accessories, and games.  ModImplant has been part of the explosive video game industry ever since, however; since mid 2001 our focus has turned into the broader consumer electronics market.


Today, MI Technologies Inc. is strategically headquarted literally a few blocks from the US/Mexico International Border. 

MI Technologies Inc. is emerging as a leading liquidator of end-of-life consumer electronics as well as a reverse logistics warrantee service fulfillment corporation.  MI Technologies Inc. has only recently started its endeavors into the online sales marketplaces such as eBay, Yahoo, and various other syndicated shopping networks.


Since inception, MI Technologies has consistently experienced more than 100% annual growth every year.  It is our mission to establish a viable alternative for mid-level enterprise companies seeking a combination of liquidation, reverse logistics, and remanufacturing services.