MI Technologies, Inc.

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MI Technologies, Inc. is an innovator at the onset  of the information technology boom.  With our patent pending MIT™ Solution, we offer our clients a complete suite of technologies, giving them the industry advantage of handling reverse logistics in a fast, reliable, efficient, and economical manner.


MI Technologies, Inc. specializes in end-of-life and warrantee service fulfillment; completely automated processing from returns to resale. 


Let our solutions alleviate your burdensome inventory nightmares.  Reduced  labor and  increased efficiency will positively impact your bottom-line.

Customer Service is crucial in today’s high tech marketplace.  With MIT™ Solutions, your customers’ retail and e-tail returns are handled seamlessly without any direct returns department, at the convenience of the customer, 24 hours a days, 7 days a week via the Internet. 


Let our services start immediately once a customer has decided to return your product.  Complete customer service via telephone, web, and e-mail is seconds away.  Product Returns are processed in less than 5 minutes on average, following extensive specific product diagnoses done by MIT™, which on average can reduce unwarranted returns by 20%! Don’t know what to do with returned inventory? Evaluate our services!


In short, MI Technologies provides not only a suite of technologies which will increase your bottom-line, but our experienced staff will handle complete logistics and increase your customer/client satisfaction.