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Avoid increasing costs of handling reverse logistics with in-house service centers.  Whether operating liquidation warehouses or full service returns centers, operating costs will escalate if your core competency is not reverse logistics. Even successful in-house centers can face abrupt and significant losses as technology changes.

Processing Returns-

In-Store returns use our SPDE Technology for improved customer service, making your cashier’s appear as informative as seasoned technicians in diagnosing “defects.”  In-Store returns are processed, inventoried and placed on pallets through our terminal application or we can tie into your backend to evaluated optimal weight/value/dimensions for optimal scheduling freight pickup.  This minimizes the “backroom” and eliminates costly labor time. 

Online returns are processed with the same SPDE™ Technology, prepaid return labels are printed from the customer’s printer, smart return packaging suggestions displayed, and the nearest package drop off locations provided.  For a small fee, the customer can request a pick-up to be made by the shipping carrier.






Complete Customer Returns Logistics

Reselling Returns-

Returns are shipped to our National Return Center, strategically located minutes from Mexico. Each package is individually inspected, condition and content verified  by our technically inclined staff and our Product Evaluation System (PES).  Qualifying inventory is sent for testing, repair (if necessary), cleaning, and repackaging.  Refurbished products are sold through our local, national, and international channels.

Understanding Returns-

MIT’s™ one-of-a-kind smart-returns solution can eliminate unwarranted returns, which are as high as 20%.  Approval of RMAs is done through our interactive, Specific-Product Diagnostic Engine™(SPDE). 

With ever-changing consumer technologies, the biggest source for RMAs is not defects, rather the consumer’s lack of awareness and understanding of these complicated electronics.  Without this realization, retailers & e-tailers are suffering from distressed returns while their customers are left dissatisfied—a lose-lose situation.  Leverage our core competencies to alleviate problems.